Services For Couples

Couples & Marital Therapy

Work things out with your spouse, significant other or family member. Devise solutions to renew your relationship and resolve conflicts together. Some of the topics brought by couples include financial disagreements, parenting, delegation
of household responsibilities, spending more time together, working out disagreements, infidelity, & time management.

Jeffrey works comfortably and has extensive experience with both gay & straight couples.

Pre-Engagement & Pre-Marital Counseling & Planning Services

Getting off to a good start is solid thinking for building any relationship. We offer pre-engagement and pre-marital counseling and planning services for couples. One of the best ways to ensure a successful marriage is to begin your lives together with advanced planning and decision making which will set the tone for the development of your marriage. In
the case of pre-engagement counseling, you have the opportunity to discuss whether marriage is really the right step for your relationship, whether your religious, philosophical, political, familial, behavioral beliefs, practices and actions can co-exist in a healthy marriage.

With the high incidence of divorce in this country, open discussion and planning cannot be understated. Too often, the only advanced planning done is for the first day of your lives as a married couple and not for the significant task of joining two lives together. Typical topics discussed in counseling and planning sessions include children, financial management, career goals and demands, work-life balance and conflict coping skills.

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