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Phone/Skype/VSee/Facetime Life Coaching

Life can get pretty busy. In fact, research indicates that one of the main reasons people don’t get started working with a professional on their goals is due to access which includes time to go to a session. Life Coaching for individuals by phone/video chat makes it possible for people to meet with a professional without the commuting time or at hours outside normal ‘business hours’. For many people, they have an hour for lunch but would not be able to make it to a Coach’s office.

Phone sessions have some limitations when compared to in-person sessions, such as the lack of visual cues, and personal face-to-face interactions, some of these limitations are less with online video conferencing. You need to weigh these factors when compared to the convienenvce of phone/video sessions.

  • Skype. Skype is not HIPPA Compliant because law enforcement has been reported to have the ability to listen in to calls.
  • VSee. Works just like Skype and is reported to be HIPPA compliant.
  • Facetime. An apple application which is reported to be HIPPA compliant.

Life can get pretty busy. Being busy is one of the main reasons people don’t get started working towards their goals. Connecting with a life coach over the web can mean:

  • less interruptions to your day
  • getting help on your own terms
  • meet from the privacy of your home
  • no commuting time
  • meet at hours outside normal ‘business hours’

Why ‘Life Coaching’?

Life Coaching is similar to but different than psychotherapy. Life coaching techniques are often used within psychotherapy. However, life coaching does not address specific psychiatric conditions. Rather, we are proactive in identifying goals, as well as approaches and techniques to meet those goals.

Life coaching can be valuable for people looking to make a transition in their career, family or personal relationships. To use a comparison, life coaching is more like using a personal trainer at the gym to strengthen your muscles whereas psychotherapy is more like going to physical therapy to treat a specific condition. Both are tremendously helpful. Both are there for different occasions. While a physical therapist could work as both trainer or therapist, a personal trainer does not work as a therapist. This is the same in psychotherapy.

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