Jumpstarting Your Private Psychotherapy Practice

Jumpstarting Your Private Practice – Workbook


Workbook and resources to revitalize your private practice and find more clients.

Product Description

Jumpstarting Your Private Practice

Jumpstarting Your Private Psychotherapy Practice

This is a 17 page WORKbook intended to help you revitalize your existing private psychotherapy practice. There are tips and assignments to engage you in the process of jumpstarting your private practice.

Table of Contents

A WORKbook
More To Planning
How This WORKbook Is Organized

Who Is Your Client
Thought Process – Who Is Your Client? Are There Enough Of Your Target Clients Out There?
´┐╝The Benefits Of Defining Your Client

What Products & Services Will You Offer
Defining Your Services
To Specialize Or Not To Specialize

Where Will You Find Your Client
A Quick List

When To Secure A Session
Lead Tracking System
Keeping Track Of Leads

How Much Will You Charge
Cash Flow
Business Basics

Why You?
Quick Activity


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