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quote about Jeffrey Kerekes

Just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your excellent help and to let you know that [my wife] and I have made some major changes and are enjoying life and each other much more these days. You were certainly an important catalyst in those changes.

Also I wanted to congratulate you on your excellent podcast (noticed it at podcast alley) – I downloaded a few episodes and found them informative and entertaining….

Good Luck in all your Endeavors

-Client MG

Now that the insanity of school and the holidays is behind me, I wanted to take a moment to write to you.  I don’t intend for this to be a long and drawn out letter of sorts, although brevity is not always
my strongest suit.  I only wanted to let you know what a difference you made in my life.  Unfortunately, we human beings don’t necessarily understand the full repercussions of life until we are very deep inside
of them.  I was walking around miserable for years and not only did I not know why; I don’t think I was entirely certain that there was an actual problem (that could be fixed) with me.

Now that I have been on the medication for 8 months, I am noticing a marked difference.  This is the first winter that I can remember in which I did not get hit with a huge spell of depression.  It is amazing. 
I have never felt optimism in the winter…again, for as long as I can remember.  My head is much clearer which allows me to think about and address situations properly.  I have been able to more actively pursue
things that are important to me (i.e. relationships with people who are important to me, school, etc.).  As a matter of fact, I attended school full-time (5 classes) at college last semester.  For the first time in
my life I actually finished 15 credits in one semester without dropping any classes.  I just got my grades and for the sake of bragging I will list them below:

  • Problems in Early Russian History: A+
  • History of Ancient Greece: A
  • The Roman Empire: A
  • Research Methods and Materials (history): A
  • Latin: A+

The feeling I have from this is nothing short of amazing.  I have never accomplished anything like this in my life and now that I know it is not only possible, but likely, that I will continue to perform like this. 
My entire outlook has changed:  I am already looking into graduate programs.

I must admit that I was skeptical about therapy at first, particularly about the cost.  I used to joke that with the money I would be spending on therapy we could buy a new TV or take a vacation.  Now I know that
what I got out of therapy was far more valuable:  my life.

Client SC

"You were able to integrate a thoughtful personal approach to care/treatment that really helped you connect with people. Combined with this you had the knowledge of the system, resources and common sense that enabled you
to put this connection to good work in terms of taking people to the next step of care; assisting and empowering them to effectively connect with appropriate mental health care."

Peter Newberry, MD
Department of Psychiatry
Cambridge Health Alliance

"Just a few other words. Thank you for all the help you have given [client] and I so far. I can honestly say out of all the time I(we) have spent with various counselors, I feel our sessions have been the most productive. You are very good at what you do. Thank you again.

Thank you again and have a great weekend."
-Client C.S.

Some Comments from Colleagues After News of Jeffrey’s Relocation to Connecticut


congratulations [on your move to Connecticut]. However, the pes [Psychiatric Emergency Service] will not be the same without you there, you are one of a kind, and have great compassion for your work. . . . We need more
male social workers like you in this facility.

Karen Cooke, Human Rights Officer, Cambridge Hospital

Wow Jeffrey,
Losing you is a profound loss to all of us.
Good luck to you
Jackie Bisbee LICSW, DCSW Care Management

Wow. This is most likely a wonderful move for you. You will be so missed here. Your energy and dedication is amazing. … Thanks for your work here, Jeff.
Kate Dare-Winters, LICSW General Psychiatry& Outpatient Addiction

The resource list "is" something of enormous need. I appreciated your taking such project. Good fortune in your endeavors.
Victor Diaz, MSW

I have considered you to be one of the jewels of CHA – You will be greatly missed. Thanks for all the work you have done for quality patient care, over and above the call of duty…………..
Jo Ann Emerald, RNC Partial Hospital Program

Dearest Jeff and awesome colleague,
You are such an asset to this service. . . . Thanks for the wonderful tools you have put together, that I seem to use now on a nightly basis, keep up the STRONG WORK my friend.

In sincere admiration, Dezra Kenney, RN, CNS

You will be missed!! I wish you all the best in CT. …[T]hey’re getting much more than an exceptional clinician. I’ve always admired your calm, thoughtful, soulful presence.

Take care and good luck!
Nancy Kiwior, RN, Nurse Manager, Partial Hospital Program

… I have always admired your involvement here at the CHA and the hard work of your department. I have also appreciated all the resource up dates you shared, and have in turn, shared with my friends. … My very best
wishes to you and I will always remember the "Jeffery factor" which so influenced the union negotiations with such results. My very best wished for you

– Sincerely, Cynthia MacDougall, Geriatric Service

holy moly.

I was just reviewing your write up at 1 am on north 2 [inpatient adolescent psychiatric unit] of a 17 year girl you saw yesterday, and thinking to myself ‘kerekes does fine work’. I for one will miss having you around, and have appreciated your clinical work as well as your good humor and sanity. . . . your presence in the corner will be missed. …

Peter Newberry, MD Department of Psychiatry

Hi Jeff–hope it goes swimmingly for you! Say I was out visiting various programs in the community last Monday (shelters, day treatments, outreach teams, jail etc) and your name came up as someone within CHA that folks felt very appreciative of–as doing really good liaison work between their organizations–both on an organizational and individual pt [patient] level–and CHA [Cambridge Health Alliance]. All the best to you!

Bill Slaughter, MD, MA Department of Psychiatry

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