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Jeffrey Kerekes, Therapist & Counselor

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Jeffrey Kerekes, MSSW, LCSW, is a New Haven, CT based and mobile psychotherapist for individual and couples therapy serving Fairfield and New Haven Counties, as well as nationally and internationally via phone and skype. Jeffrey holds a Master of Science in Clinical Social Work from Columbia University and received solid real-world experience in a variety of professional settings including the training grounds of both Yale and Harvard Medical Schools. Enthusiasm, respect and compassion for life are common ingredients in his work.

Jeffrey has worked in outpatient psychotherapy with individuals, couples and families, parent and teen mediation, as well as crisis psychiatric evaluations. Noted for his relaxed and engaging style, he has gained trust
in even the more reluctant individuals. He is recognized as a jewel, one with energy, compassion and resolve.

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I launched my first mental health podcast in February 2005 which was picked up by news outlets across the nation including the LA Times introducing the concept of ‘podcasting’ to the country. Years later, and over a half million downloads later, I have launched online continuing education seminars for therapists.

about My Story

As a young person, people of all ages frequently spoke with me about private issues in their lives. It seemed to happen everywhere. I am and have been a good listener and problem solver. These interactions as well as numerous volunteering experiences born the interest in being a psychotherapist.

Raised by working class parents in Connecticut, I attended public schools and delivered newspapers from age nine for extra money.  My father was a truck driver as well as an entrepreneur and my mom had her own business cleaning homes. Winning the Arthur Gabler Scholarship in high school helped me afford a B.S. in Environmental Education. After graduating, I worked at the Connecticut Audubon Coastal Center and the Department of Environmental Protection’s Kellogg Environmental Center.

My commitment to social change grew through volunteering as well as through the Audubon Expedition Institute, where I earned my Bachelors. This unique program focuses on developing students into agents of social change through detailed and experiential exploration of complex social issues. These experiences include learning from the people and places involved on different sides of a multiplicity of issues, from old growth logging in the Pacific Northwest, environmental racism in New Mexico, the collapse of cod fisheries in Newfoundland villages, to migrant labor struggles in Florida. This unconventional exploration of opposing sides has helped detail the complex nature of not only these issues, but the complex solutions required for them to be addressed.

After several years teaching environmental education, I decided to enhance my skills at implementing change by individuals and communities by attending Columbia University where I earned a Master of Science in Social Work. There, I realized making social change takes time, courage and devotion.

From very early in my life, I have been involved in my local community, having served as volunteer fireman, reader to the blind, assistant scout master, community mediator among a number of other roles. I was a founding member of New Haven Citizens Action Network (NHCAN), a grassroots effort to hold the City of New Haven to higher standards and to organize the community to become more engaged in the political and budgeting process. I was awarded “BEST NEW HAVEN WATCHDOG” in the 2008 New Haven Advocate Staff Pick for these efforts. My commitment to bringing increased accountability, transparency and financial sustainability in New Haven led to a Clean Elections run for Mayor of New Haven in 2011 resulting in earning 45% of the vote for Mayor of New Haven during just a 5 month campaign, little name recognition, and with $53,000 versus an 18 year incumbent with $760,000.

I have also served as a financial advocate and helped expand a grassroots resource in Massachusetts for everyday people interested in achieving financial independence. I align my values-based financial decision making with social change. A values-based financial decision making process has lead me to simplify and streamline my life as it became obvious to me the significant financial strains and stressors of unconscious overspending on the person and its destruction of the environment. Along these lines, I has appeared on radio and print publications including a Japanese environmental magazine. My wife and I have made substantial changes in our personal life to secure a sustainable lifestyle congruent with our values.

I married Pei Ye in 2002 after meeting her on the NYC Subway in 1998. We make our home on Lyon Street in New Haven where we converted an abandoned garage into a home over three years of nights and weekends. We share our home with Murphy, an Australian Shepherd. Luka (2005-2016), a blue merle Australian Shepherd, was a certified therapy dog and participated in sessions thru May 2016. I also enjoy making pictures as an amateur portrait and community photographer.

about Therapy

Therapy is very personal and is usually sought during trying times. Your journey need not be another source of frustration nor obstacle. Your customer experience is critical. That is why treating you with respect and dignity at all times is our modus operandi. Not to mention safeguarding your privacy and confidentiality.

about The Setting

I work from a home office which is more private and comfortable than a medical office complex. Settle into the session with great fair-trade organic tea or coffee.

Luka, a blue merle Australian Shepherd, celebrated 11 years as a therapy dog from 2005-2016.

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